One of a Kind Sand Sculpture
by The DeMichele Family
Island Sand Sculptures Purchasing Information
Call: 941-504-5875 or
E-mail:Island Sand Sculptures

Looking for a unique gift idea?
Call us 941-504-5875, to place an order and we will ship most pieces to most US places depending on size of piece.
Florida Shipping is the easiest for us - so if you have family members in Florida we can help you find the perfect sculpture for them!
*Taxes, shipping and the price of the piece can be estimated over the phone, actual cost upon accepting will be invoiced to an email address and paid securely with SquareUp.

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*Please note: Pictures are samples, every sculpture is different

Our Sculptures are not made in MOLDS

Each Sculpture is a picture drawn in the sand, one at a time, and then lightweight cement is poured on top of the picture.
Upon drying, the sculpture is pulled from the sand, breaking that mold for each picture, making each sculpture a one of a kind
There are no two sculptures the same
Each sculpture is hand painted, sculpted and sealed for indoor/outdoor use.
Click Here if you would like to print our process out.

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